How to do a nail pedicure at home using only oil and salt

How to do a nail pedicure at home using only oil and salt       

Preparing the nails and beautifying their shape is one of the most important things required through  which every woman seeks to obtain an attractive and distinctive shape, but some may ignore it due to lack of time and lack of money, so in the following lines we will review the most important easy steps to make an easy pedicure at your home without going to beauty centers

Tips to follow when doing a pedicure and manicure are as follows

You should avoid using someone else's tools to avoid transmitting bacteria and fungi

Tools must be sterilized after they are properly finished

When making an appointment to do a pedicure, you must make sure and ask about the tools used and avoid using tools that have been previously used unless they have been disinfected for at least 10 minutes after they have been used by another person

Avoid removing polyps in the nails by a nail care technician, so as not to cause any inflammation and to avoid introducing bacteria

Remove dead skin from the feet using special tools

Do not use any sharp tool for the same purpose, to avoid skin damage and infection

Preparing your nails for a pedicure at home

First of all, prepare your nails and get rid of leftover cosmetics (old nail colors)

You must first start soaking the feet, so bring a little hot water with a little salt added, and a few drops of essential oil, and soak your feet for 20 minutes

To get rid of dead skin

After getting rid of the soaking, cover a piece of cloth to dry the foot, then provide a machine to scrub the dead skin with a coolant, or a stone for that, and apply a little moisturizer

cutting nails

After your feet become soft and moisturized, use a file to get rid of any dirt between the nails, taking care to trim them evenly, taking care not to cause any injuries

Moisturizing the foot

After completing all the previous stages, use essential oils and give a foot massage, massage the fingers in a gentle way, and apply a natural moisturizer

How to do a pedicure at home

 There are several steps to doing a pedicure at home, which are as follows

The shape of the nails is determined (oval, square, pointed, etc.), and then they are cut along a single, equal line

After that, it is cooled using a file in one direction, not in two directions, to avoid breakage

The old nail polish, if any, is then removed in order to be replaced with another one

Soak your feet in a bowl of water containing rock salt crystals or some shampoo for 15-20 minutes, then dry them

The feet are rubbed using a foot stone to remove dead skin after moisturizing them with an undercut cream

The cream is removed from the skin, then the nail scrub is applied to the nails and rubbed well with a special nail brush

The nail scrub is then removed using a clean towel, and the nail cuticles are also removed

Moisturize the feet, ankles and leg muscles for 10 minutes, and when finished, apply a layer of nail polish

Polish the nails using your favorite color of polish or use regular polish

Pedicure and manicure tools Some of the tools needed for pedicure and manicure are as follows

Emery board-

Special stone-

Skin cream-

An amount of moisturizing oil-

Nail clipper-

Amount of salt-

A quantity of Epsom salt-