What are the reasons that make women's nails brittle and broken?

What are the reasons that make women's nails brittle and broken?

Who doesn't want to have healthy, strong and beautiful nails? So, you need to know the main reasonsn  why your nails become brittle and broken over time, in order to be fully informed:

There are several reasons why nails become brittle and brittle, the most important being:

Not following a healthy vitamin-based diet

Exposing nails to chemicals

Not taking care of your nails regularly

Therefore, you need to follow a specific routine to maintain the beauty of your nails even without applying a manicure. These steps, which we will tell you about in the following lines, act to strengthen the nails, nourish them and hydrate them in depth.

Maintaining the health and beauty of the nails is essential to having a beautiful hand, and as the nails constitute an important part of the body, they require special and regular care, in order to always look healthy and in their best condition. Contrary to what you think, nail care will only require simple things from you. You must take this into account to have healthy nails, which is why in this article we present to you a set of tips on nail care methods. Let us review them with you.

Nail care methods

When it comes to nail care, applying a beautifully shiny nail polish is not the only option, but in fact, nails need to be taken care of every day. In addition to disinfecting nail tools after each use, it is no less important than cleaning the makeup stand regularly to prevent the formation of bacteria, in order to avoid nail infections. So always try to wash your nail tools with soap and water, then wipe them with alcohol, and remember to regularly change disposable tools from time to time.

Tips for nail care

There are some tips that you must follow to have healthy and strong nails, the most important of which are:

Trim your nails regularly to keep them strong and prevent them from breaking easily. So make sure you use the file in the right way, taking care to file the nails in one direction, and avoid filing in two different directions. If possible, avoid filing wet nails, as they are more likely to break than when they are dry. It's best to keep your nails short to prevent bacteria from building up underneath.

Allow time for your nails. Schedule time at least every week to take care of your nails and get a quick pedicure and manicure. Start by trimming or filing your nails, then wipe a cotton pad soaked in vitamin E oil over them and the skin around them. Then paint your nails with moisturizer to remove the dead skin accumulated on them, then apply a coat of nail strengthener to get healthy and strong nails.

Do not use nail polish remover that contains acetone if you like to use nail polish products. When shopping for nail polish remover, look for acetate-containing and acetone-free types, so you don't harm your nail health and lead. to their fragility. Keep your body hydrated. Keep your body hydrated by not neglecting to drink water. In addition to water, drinking a cup of milk — which contains zinc — helps you grow stronger nails.

Wear gloves when doing household chores to protect your nails from breakage, and do not use your nails as a tool for scraping or cleaning objects, as this causes them to weaken and thin, making them susceptible to breakage and to wear out quickly.

Choose foods that contain iron and omega-3 fatty acids, as both are beneficial for your overall health and beauty. Iron plays an effective role in giving vitality to your hair, renewing skin cells and strengthening nails, and you can get it from whole grains and certain types of leafy vegetables like spinach. As for foods that contain omega-3, they are seafood, nuts and vegetable oils, which prevent chapped nails, in addition to their many benefits for the rest of the body, such as the prevention of heart disease.

Consume balanced amounts of protein in your diet because your nails are made up of layers of keratin proteins that make up the nail cells and tissues. Therefore, a lack of protein in your meals negatively affects the health and appearance of your nails. Which is available in white meat, dairy and soy....

a summary

In the end, know, Madam, that focusing on a healthy diet and hydrating your nails, while avoiding aggressive materials and nail polish removers containing acetone, is the best and simplest answer to taking care of your nails. Now, do you have any other tips to share with us? What tips will you try to follow the most to maintain your nails? Tell us in the comments.