What is the fashion for transparent nails and black cherry nails in spring 2024 ?


What is the fashion for transparent nails and black cherry nails in spring 2024

What is the fashion for transparent nails

You can't be more elegant than appearing with clean, transparent nails and a simple manicure. As the buds open this spring, so too do the transparent nails that elevate the natural look just like the "no makeup" trend. Transparent, high-shine nails highlight the shape and color in an elegant and unadorned way. The manicure looks precise and sophisticated with a shiny, gel-like finish

It is popular this spring to elegantly decorate transparent nails with fine gold foil, soft gemstones, and luminous shine. This trend is based on thoughtful simplicity, the mainstay of which are muted pink and white colors

Long nails add a distinctive touch to the spring trend, especially if they are painted in a trendy transparent color that will draw attention to its soft appeal. If you are concerned about color and its transparency, long nails will be a big game changer

Transparent white nails are perfect for the bride, especially if delicate gemstones are placed with them, making the nails extremely ethereal. There's still room to play when it comes to this simple manicure trend in terms of nail shape and length, so don't hesitate to look for tips or an unusual shape that you wouldn't normally go for

Delicate gold leaf takes nails to new heights, is a great addition to the 2024 clear manicure trend and sparkles with the perfect shimmering touch to elevate your otherwise simple manicure

When it comes to nail polish shades

The best nail experts always say the same thing: Milky pink is all the rage in spring and summer, but fall and winter are all about black cherry nails

Although the classics may be predictable, that doesn't make them any less great. Basics that are executed well will always look polished and sophisticated

Of course, we saw light cherry nails take off earlier this year, but this trend was a more subtle take that featured elegant cherries painted on the nails for some summery nail art. As winter approaches, things seem more developed and mature

What is the fashion for black cherry nails

As the name suggests, black cherry nails mimic the color of dark black cherries. It falls somewhere between dark red and dark purple, so within the trend you can customize the perfect shade to suit your skin tone and desired aesthetic

Black is a neutral color that goes with everything, but black cherry adds a little extra warmth while keeping things simple, simple enough to work with your entire wardrobe this season. It tends to work beautifully with moodier fall and winter color palettes

What skin color matches your nail color

We love a color that flatters everyone but it's more pop when it's bright and on short nails, but it can work beautifully on all lengths and we've also seen it remixed and applied alongside a French tip

Fortunately for you, almost all skin colors can suit you without any flaws, except for golden and bronze colors. Medium skin tones vary from olive to a bronze glow. Try dark burgundy, dark red, blue, purple, pink and nude colors instead

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